Frequently asked questions

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is like to rent a house for your business so you rent a space online to keep your website files live so people can visit them.

You pay a little fees per month or per year according to the size of your files or business.

NetPoa we give a cheap hosting with great services we call it Poa Hosting Solutions.

What is benefits of Website for my Business?

There are lots of benefits to have a website for your business or yourself.

Websites are like office now, you can work from home using only your website.

People search everything they want before they come to find you so if you have a website you will first reach those people before your competitors.

How Long Does it Take To Have My Website?

Between 5-7 days your website will be completely live.

We design  Responsive website for your business, your customers will enjoy not only to browse pages but also to buy your products.

Which payment options do I have?

We have two options of payment for you.

Mobile Money ( Mpesa, Tigopesa)

Bank, You can pay us through bank deposits