• Wednesday, August 24, 2022

We a happy to announce that from today 1st August 2022 we have moved all of our services to our company named TanRoute Limited.

In order to provide the best and highest quality services, we have decided to merge these two companies into one company where TANROUTE will stand as a company and NetPoa will be the product.

NetPoa as a Web Hosting Services and all the attached services using the name netpoa including all domains name will be operating under TanRoute Limited.

NetPoa Web Services was founded in 2017 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. We started to provide Web Services, such as Web Designing, Domain Registration, Web Hosting, Digital Marketing.

NetPoa is a combination of English and Swahili Words "Net" means Network and "Poa" Means good.

Just Remember that everything will remain the same except payments accounts, all payments account will now seen as TANROUTE LIMITED.

With Thanks,

Jacob Mushi